Vetting, Spay/Neutering & Emergency Funds

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Vetting, Spay/Neutering & Emergency Funds: Life happens, but it should never get in the way of the welfare of a pet. The first recourse will be to assist in locating low cost clinics for vaccinations and spay/neutering. This fund will be used judiciously to assist pet owners who are facing hardship or their pet require emergency treatment, but do not have the funding to have the animal seen. Emergency care for an animal can be overwhelmingly expensive. Some people just don’t have the money or resources needed to have their animal cared for in the case of an emergency. We do not wish for a loving family to have to part with their pet over money. The funds paid out in these cases would go directly to the facility providing care. It is our hope that as a registered non-profit we can negotiate a reduced rate since the organization is paying them directly, with their reduction taken as a tax exempt donation.

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