Awarenss to Abuse

We began with bringing awareness of shelter animals to our powerlifting meets, accepting donations for the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Team Shelter. Having rescued 5 bully breed/mixes since 2008, we have had a goal of demystifying the stigma the media has brought to broad spectrum of dogs considered Pit Bulls. We are spreading the word of “Adopt don’t Shop” as there are many wonderful pets that have ended up in shelters, or some never having the opportunity to know a loving home.

Domestic Violence hit close to home as a very dear friend was nearly strangled to death at the hands of her boyfriend in 2009. What has driven us to formally start this organization and this site is the failure of the justice system and authorities to properly protect her by not serving or enforcing a Protection from Abuse Order issued against her attacker by the courts. At our prodding in October 2012, the Times Union of Albany, NY published an article outlining her plight. The responses of the local District Attorney and Sheriff Department passed the blame of not serving the defendant with the PFA on the now retired judge. This article shed light a town’s dirty secret, protecting a violent and abusive man; exposing him to the community and the shame of that his only penalty for a nearly fatal attack.

In 2012 we became active in helping re-home dogs that were in danger of being turned into a shelter or euthanized because their owners were being forced to give them up. The first a small, senior dog whose owner had suddenly passed. Ame transported Missy the hour and half to her parents home, where she is now living. At her first vet visit, it was found that she was not spayed and required a teeth cleaning. The complications from not being altered resulted in two surgeries to complete her bilateral mastectomy, spaying and teeth cleaning. The original estimate doubled and we stepped up to find the funding needed to get her fixed up. Quickly recovering in a loving home, she has now lost weight and become a lively and playful dog being at least 12 years old. Buddy and Oseph had their own situations which required them to find new homes. Buddy, after five weeks of kenneling, was placed with a wonderful young family. Oseph was onto his third foster, transported from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania, where we had our first foster failure. They became his furever home, not being able to think of parting with him.

It is our goal to continue this work, raise awareness and funds to help people and animals in need. We already have a platform in the sport of powerlifting, which proliferates into other strength disciplines.

Gene & Ame Rychlak